Electronic Tachometers

1 1/4″, 2 1/4″ & 3 1/8″ Aircore Propeller tach for Rotax912/914 engines, connects to tach coil, calibrated to Propeller RPM, not Engine RPM! Custom color marking available, internal light optional! Hourmeter can be set to count engine time or flight time and preset to any numbers —(must be done at UMA facility)!Standard setting 800rpm & above. White or Antique yellow dial with black numbers available, per request!

3-1/8" Tachometers with Built-in Hourmeter (starts @ 1800rpm and above)

Weight: 9.0 Oz.    Case:ABS Valox 420 Plastic

Part #ApplicationSignal SourceRPM RangeDial Marking
19-811-102Lycoming/Continental Mech. Tach port1A3-4 TSU0-3500B&W
19-811-112Lycoming/Continental Mech. Tach port1A3-4 TSU0-3500GA 500-2700, RR 2700
19-811-101*Lycoming/Continental  Magneto pickupT1A9-(1 or 2)0-3500B&W
19-819-106Jabiru 12 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-3500B&W
19-819-206Rotax 503/582/618 using DCDITach Output0-7000B&W
19-819-201Rotax 912/914Tach Output0-7000B&W
19-819-206Rotax 377/477, Hirth, Bosch Mag/GenLighting Coil0-7000B&W
19-819-206Any 12 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-7000B&W
19-819-205Any 10 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-7000B&W
19-819-106Any 12 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-3500B&W
19-819-105Any 10 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-3500B&W
19-819-202Ignition (2 Pulses per rev)(-)Ignition Coil0-7000B&W
19-816-10xP-Lead connection (x=1 for 4cyl & C for 6cyl)Slick P-Lead0-3500B&W
19-819-203Ignition (3 Pulses per rev)(-)Ignition Coil0-7000B&W
19-819-204Ignition (4 Pulses per rev)(-)Ignition Coil0-7000B&W
19-819-40DRotec radial engine (7&9 cyl)(3.5&4.5 Pulse per rev)10-4000B&W
19-81H-F1SProp tach, 2.43:1 ratio, for Rotax 912/914 enginesSignal Coil0-3000GA585-2250,YA2250-2350,RL@2350

*19-811-101 for 4 cylinder engines 19-811-10C for 6 cylinder engines

19-811-XXX require sending units:

N1A9-2D: Dual Bendix mag pickup
T1A9-1: Slick mag pickup (single mag)
T1A9-2: Bendix mag pickup (single mag)
T1A3-4:  TSU (picks signal up from tach drive port) 1A3C-2: TSU with 3 pin connector


2-1/4" Tachometers (pin#4 for external hourmeter, starts@1800 rpm and above-standard setting)

For 1 1/4″ Tach change 3rd digit in part # to 2 ie. 19-219-201 

Weight:2.0 Oz. Case:ABS Plastic (1 1/4″ uses Aluminum case)

Part #ApplicationSignal SourceRPM RangeDial Marking
19-511-102Lycoming/Continental Mech. Tach port1A3-4 TSU0-3500B&W
19-511-112Lycoming/Continental Mech. Tach port1A3-4 TSU0-3500GA 500-2700, RR 2700
19-511-101*Lycoming/Continental  Magneto pickupT1A9-(1 or2)0-3500B&W
19-519-106Jabiru 12 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-3500B&W
19-516-10xP-Lead connection (x=1 for 4cyl & C for 6cyl)Slick P-Lead0-3500B&W
19-519-206Rotax 503/582/618 using DCDITach Output0-7000B&W
19-519-201Rotax 912/914Tach Output0-7000B&W
19-519-206Rotax 377/477, Hirth, Bosch Mag/GenLighting Coil0-7000B&W
19-519-206Any 12 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-7000B&W
19-519-205Any 10 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-7000B&W
19-519-106Any 12 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-3500B&W
19-519-105Any 10 Pole Mag/GeneratorLighting Coil0-3500B&W
19-519-202Ignition (2 Pulses per rev)(-)Ignition Coil0-7000B&W
19-519-203Ignition (3 Pulses per rev)(-)Ignition Coil0-7000B&W
19-519-204Ignition (4 Pulses per rev)(-)Ignition Coil0-7000B&W
19-519-40DRotec radial engine (7 cylinders)(3.5 Pulses per rev)10-4000B&W
19-51H-F1SProp tach, 2.43:1 ratio, for Rotax 912/914 enginesSignal Coil0-3000GA585-2250,YA2250-2350,RL@2250

*19-511-101 for 4 cylinder engines and 19-511-10C for 6 cylinder engines

19-511-XXX require sending units:
T1A9-1:  Slick mag pickup (mounts to the vent hole)
T1A9-2:Bendix mag pickup (mounts to the vent hole)
T1A3-4: TSU (mounts to the existing tach drive port)


T1A9-X Tach Mag Pickup

Our TSO’d tach mag pickups are available for slick(T1A9-1) and Bendix(T1A9-2)

Lighting Coil

UMA Lighting Coil tachometers are designed to connected to the positive going output of the Lighting coil. Signal voltage of 3 volts peak or greater is required (600V Peak Max).

Ignition Coil

These tachometers are desiged for use in a traditional point/condenser automotive type of ignition system. The input lead of the tachometer is connected to the negative side of the coil.

Magneto P-Lead

UMA P-Lead Tachometers are designed to work with Slick brand magnetos. They are not guaranteed to work with Bendix brand magnetos. To facilitate a “Mag Check”, we recommend that a switch be installed to switch the input of the tachometer between the two magnetos. Installation instructions for OLD TachometerInstallation instructions for DB9 (new) TachometerInstallation instructions for two Tachometers (Front & Rear).

Minature Hourmeter (0-9,999.99)(starts counting when power ON)

Weight 2 1/4″: 9.8 Oz. Case: Plastic.    |    Weight Minature: 1.8 Oz. Case: Plastic

Part #VoltageResolution
13-300-10 (sq)5-35 VDC1/100 Hr
13-400-10 (round)5-35 VDC1/100 Hr

Minature Hourmeter Panel Cut-out (Not to Scale)

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