EL Light Bezels

Internal lighting

*Please note that instruments shown are internally lit. Pictures are to show colors of lighting available. UMA does not manufacture Night Vision lights.

Bezel Lighting for 2 1/4 & 3 1/8" Instruments

Part #SizeCut-outLight Color
*2-30-W3 1/8″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)White
2-30-G3 1/8″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)Green
2-30-R3 1/8″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)Red
*2-31-W3 1/8″NoneWhite
2-31-G3 1/8″NoneGreen
2-31-R3 1/8″NoneRed
*2-33-W3 1/8″CenterWhite
2-33-G3 1/8″CenterGreen
2-33-R3 1/8″CenterRed
*2-34-W3 1/8″DoubleWhite
2-34-G3 1/8″DoubleGreen
2-34-R3 1/8″DoubleRed
*2-35-W3 1/8″None with Undercut for VSIWhite
2-35-G3 1/8″None with Undercut for VSIGreen
2-35-R3 1/8″None with Undercut for VSIRed
*2-20-W2 1/4″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)White
2-20-G2 1/4″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)Green
2-20-R2 1/4″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)Red
*2-21-W2 1/4″NoneWhite
2-21-G2 1/4″NoneGreen
2-21-R2 1/4″NoneRed

Click below to see UMA Lighting in an airplane at night!

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Weight 2 1/4″ : 0.5 Oz. Housing: ABS Plastic

Weight 3 1/8″ : 0.6 Oz. Housing: ABS Plastic

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