*For a DB-9 wiring diagram for our non-TSO engine instruments, click here.

Volt & Amp Meters: These rugged and reliable instruments use either a moving coil or air-core meter movement. The 1 1/4" instruments use an air-core movement, while the 2 1/4" instruments are available with either type. For ease of installation and reliability, all Amp meters use an external shunt to measure current. The 2 1/4" air-core versions can be ordered with the optional Opti-Alert system. As with most of our instruments, colored markings and internal lighting are available. Contact us for details.

Temperature Indicators Electronic Fuel Flow Indicator: These affordable indicators display fuel flow in gallons per hour, using a conventional analog instrument with an air-core movement. The Opti-Alert warning system is optional for the 2 1/4" version. A flow transducer is required. Colored markings and lighting are available.

Pressure Indicators Electronic Fuel Quantity Indicator: We manufacture many different electronic fuel quantity indicators to match common sender ranges. We support either a resistive float or a 5 volt capacitive sender. Please note that these are general indicators only. Calibration markings of 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 can be misleading due to variations in tank geometry. UMA does not supply senders for these gauges.

Electronic Tachometers: UMA In. has one of the most extensive line of tachometers available. We manufacture tachometers for a wide variety of engines and ignition systems. Since their inception, UMA's line of tachometers have grown to meet a wide range of customer needs. UMA is capable of developing tachometers to meet your engine specifications. Available in either 1 1/4", 2 1/4 or 3 1/8" sizes using  an analog  display. The   3 1/8" tachomete has a built in hour meter. We offer many different hookup options, direct to engine sensor, an engine case mounted tach generator, and a magneto pickup system. If you are having a problem finding a tachometer that will work with your engine, please give us a call.