UMR 3D Ultrasound Watt Meter
The UMR 3D is a highly accurate portable watt meter designed to service 1mhz and 3mhz continuous output therapy level ultrasound generators.

UMT 2A Ultrasound Watt Meter
The UMT-2A was designed for a quick test of output of ultrasound therapy generators. Applicable for 1MHz, 10 cm2 transducers, set at continuous output.

PA-100 Plethysmo Analyzer

PA-150 Recording Plethysmo Analyzer
UMA plethysmo Analyzers use state of the art technology, developed to assist the physician in diagnosing peripheral vascular disease, diabetic screening for ischemia, and to monitor arterial grafts. Plethysmography is an indirect measurement of blood flow into a limb. UMA Plethysmo Analyzers accurately measure these volume changes.