UMA Pressure Senders & Temperature Probes

UMA Non-TSO'd Pressure Senders

Model N1EUXXX(G)(D)(A)(S)
N1EU07(G)(D)(S) 0-7 PSI 29 PSI
N1EU35(G)(D) 0-35 PSI 145 PSI
N1EU70(G)(D) 0-70 PSI 290 PSI
N1EU100(G)(D) 0-100 PSI 406 PSI
N1EU150(G)(D) 0-150 PSI 580 PSI
N1EU70A 5-70 IN. Hg. 236 IN. Hg.

Data spec. sheet #1 Data spec. sheet #2

UMA Non-TSO'd Temperature Probes

Type 1BX

UMA makes a complete line of temperature probes included solid state types. For engine monitoring, we have probes made of brass with thread sized from 1/4-28 to 5/8-18 and various metric sizes, as well as in many different lengths. We can custom make just about anything. We also have sparkplug ring sensors. Call or e-mail us with your specifications.

Data Spec. sheet - pdf

Part # Size/Description
1B1 1/8 NPT
1B2 3/8-24
1B2-1 3/8-24 w/6' shielded cable
1B3 5/8-18(.38 thread length)
1B3A 5/8-18 (.25 thread length)
1B3-2.5 5/8-18(2.5" tip)
1B4 10mm X 1.5
1B6 16mm X 1.5 pitch
1B7 12mm X 1.5 pitch
1B8 1/4-20 Carb. Temp
1B9 7/16-20
1B10 1/4-28 Carb. Temp
1B11 1/4-18 NPT
1B12 5/16-24
All sizes also available with RTD sensor and/or 3-pin waterproof connector.

Bayonet Style Clamp Style
2BXX Temperature Probes
Part # Description
CHT Type J Thermocouple, 3/8-24 bayonet w/snap
CHT Type J Thermocouple, 10mm
CHT Type J Thermocouple, 12mm
CHT Type J Thermocouple, 14mm
CHT Type J Thermocouple, 18mm
EGT Type K Thermocouple, 1-5/8" - 2-1/2" clamp style
EGT Type K Thermocouple, 1"-2" clamp style
EGT Type K Thermocouple, 8mm bayonet style