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UMA is a diversified manufacturer of medical and aircraft instrumentation since 1936. Here at UMA, we pride ourselves on the fact that we manufacture our products right here in the United States of America.

We employ a skilled staff who considers the needs of each and every customer, ranging from large distributors and OEM’s to private aircraft owners.

At UMA, quality is our goal. We take the time and go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied and receive products they can be proud of. Service is our specialty and we invite your to tour our website and facility to see for yourselves.

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UMR-3D Ultrasound Watt Meter

The UMR-3D is the power meter you need to service the 1 and 3 MHz continuous output therapy level ultrasound generators.

UMT-2A Ultrasound Wattmeter

The UMT-2A was designed for a quick test of output of ultrasound therapy generators. Applicable for 1MHz, 10 cm2 transducers, set at continuous output.

PA-100 Plethysmo Analyzer

The PA-100 is an enhanced Collens Sphygmo-Oscillometer developed to assist physicians in diagnosing peripheral vascular disease and to monitor arterial grafts.

PA-150 Recording Plethysmo Analyzer

The PA-150 uses state of the art technology, developed to assist the physician in diagnosing peripheral vascular disease, diabetic screening for ischemia, and to monitor arterial grafts.

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