Opti-Alert Warning Instruments

2-1/4" Air Core Instruments

Take a look at UMA’s line of unique engine instruments, the 2 1/4″, 270°, Opti-Alert warning instruments. These 2 1/4″ instruments signal the pilot when there is a problem by illuminating a Light Emitting Diode (LED). This warning indicates that an improper range condition has arisen. Two bright LED’s can be set to turn on below and/or above a normal operating range. All gauges use a MS standard 2 1/4″ size case with a full sweep analog dial for easy readability with a lightweight design using an air core meter for rugged trouble free operation. All gauges are electronic and operate with a 14V or 28V system. Pressure and temperature gauges use remote mounted sensors which are sold separate.

  • LED warning lights are available in amber or red
  • Instruments can be ordered with 1 or 2 warning lights
  • Specify LED color and exact set points when ordering. (LED set points are set at the factory and cannot be changed in the field.)
  • Optional colored range markings available
  • Optional internal lighting available
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