TSO'd Airspeed

Dual Scale (MPH/Knots)
(With optional color markings)

Single Scale MPH
(Standard B&W markings)

Single Scale Knots
(With optional color markings)

Single Range 2 1/4" TSO'd Airspeed

Part NumberRange
T16-211-12120-120 Knots
T16-210-14120-140 MPH
T16-211-14120-140 Knots
T16-210-14230-140 MPH
T16-211-14230-140 Knots
T16-210-16040-160 MPH
T16-211-16040-160 Knots
T16-210-16120-160 MPH
T16-211-16120-160 Knots
T16-210-18040-180 MPH
T16-211-18040-180 Knots
T16-210-20040-200 MPH
T16-211-20040-200 Knots
T16-210-24040-240 MPH
T16-211-24040-240 Knots
T16-210-26040-260 MPH
T16-211-26040-260 Knots
T16-210-30040-300 MPH
T16-211-30040-300 Knots
T16-210-40040-400 MPH
T16-211-40040-400 Knots
T16-212-24040-240 KmH
T16-212-26040-260 KmH
T16-212-28040-280 KmH
T16-212-30040-300 KmH
T16-212-32040-320 KmH
T16-212-38040-380 KmH
T16-212-40040-400 KmH
T16-212-44040-440 KmH

Single & Dual Range 3 1/8" TSO'd Airspeed

Part NumberOuter ScaleInner Scale
T16-310-14120-140 MPHN/A
T16-310-16040-160 MPHN/A
T16-310-16120-160 MPHN/A
T16-310-18040-180 MPHN/A
T16-310-20040-200 MPHN/A
T16-310-24040-240 MPHN/A
T16-310-26040-260 MPHN/A
T16-310-28040-280 MPHN/A
T16-310-30040-300 MPHN/A
T16-311-16040-160 KnotsN/A
T16-311-16120-160 KnotsN/A
T16-311-18040-180 KnotsN/A
T16-311-20040-200 KnotsN/A
T16-311-24040-240 KnotsN/A
T16-311-26040-260 KnotsN/A
T16-311-28040-280 KnotsN/A
T16-311-30040-300 KnotsN/A
*T16-310-160D40-160 MPH40-135 Knots
*T16-310-180D40-180 MPH40-150 Knots
*T16-310-200D40-200 MPH40-170 Knots
*T16-310-240D40-240 MPH40-205 Knots
*T16-301-260D40-260 MPH35-225 Knots
*T16-310-300D40-300 MPH40-250 Knots
*T16-311-200D40-200 Knots40-240 MPH
*T16-311-240D40-240 Knots50-270 MPH
*T16-311-260D40-260 Knots50-300 MPH

* Dual airspeed gauges with letter “D” on the end of P/N ! Not all ranges shown. Call for additional info!

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