Electronic Fuel Quantity Indicator

2 1/4" Air Core

2 1/4" Aircore Opti-Alert w/color markings

2 1/4" (with wires, no DB-9 connector)

Weight 2 1/4″: 4.7 Oz.   Case: Valox 420 Plastic

Part #RangeSender Type
18-260-1C10-5 Volts0-5V Capacitive
18-260-1C20.5 to 4.5 Volts0.5-4.5V Capacitive
18-260-1F1240-30 ohmResistive Float
18-260-1F20-30 ohmResistive Float
18-260-1F30-90 ohmResistive Float
18-260-1F478-6 ohmResistive Float
18-260-1F510-180 ohmResistive Float
18-260-1F6480-60 ohmResistive Float
18-260-1F930-240 ohmResistive Float
18-260-1G10-60 Gal (6.8-102ohm)Resistive Float
18-260-LC20-110 Liters (0-5Volts)0-5V Capacitive
18-260-15F1-5 Gal _ 36 to 146 ohmResistive Float


1 1/4" 180° Sweep

1 1/4" 270° Sweep

1 1/4" w/ DB-9 connector

Weight 1 1/4″: 4.0 Oz.    Case: Aluminum

Part #RangeSender TypeSweep
N18-1125-1C10-0000-5 Volts0-5V Capacitive270°
N18-1125-1C20-0000.5 to 4.5 Volts0.5-4.5V Capacitive270°
N18-112F-1F10-000240-30 ohmResistive Float270°
N18-112F-1F20-0000-30 ohmResistive Float270°
N18-112F-1F30-0000-90 ohmResistive Float270°
N18-112F-1F40-00078-6 ohmResistive Float270°
N18-112F-1F50-00010-180 ohmResistive Float270°
N18-112F-1F60-000480-60 ohmResistive Float270°
N18-112F-1F90-00030-240 ohmResistive Float270°
N18-1125-2C10-0000-5 Volts0-5V Capacitive180°
N18-112F-2F10-000240-30 ohmResistive Float180°
N18-112F-2F20-0000-30 ohmResistive Float180°
N18-112F-2F30-0000-90 ohmResistive Float180°


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