UMA Pressure Senders & Temperature Probes


1/8 NPTF with mounting thread

1/8 NPTM

UMA is happy to announce that it’s line of precision electronic pressure senders has received TSO approval from the FAA. These units are the most economical TSO’d units on the market. They feature precision, solid state sensors and circuitry to give unequalled performance for the money. Available in gauge, differential and absolute types, they are compatible with avgas, jet fuel, engine oil and many other fluids. Because they have internal voltage regulation, they are compatible with indicating instruments that do not have precision output voltages. Units for fuel and oil pressure are certified under TSO C47. Units for manifold pressure are under TSO C45a.

Contact UMA at 800.842.5578 for details and pricing.

T1EU07(G)(D)(S)0-7 PSI29 PSI
T1EU35(G)(D)0-35 PSI145 PSI
T1EU70(G)(D)0-70 PSI290 PSI
T1EU100(G)(D)0-100 PSI406 PSI
T1EU150(G)(D)0-150 PSI580 PSI
T1EU70A5-70 IN. Hg.236 IN. Hg.

UMA TSO'd Temperature Probes

Type T3BX(TSO C43c)

UMA makes a complete line of temperature probes including solid state types. For engine monitoring, we have probes made of brass with thread sized from 1/4-28 to 5/8-18 and various metric sizes, as well as in many different lengths. We can custom make just about anything. We also have sparkplug ring sensors. Call or e-mail us with your specifications.

Part #Size/Description
T3B11/8-27 NPT (0.31″ tip length)
T3B23/8-24 (0.52″ tip length)
T3B2-13/8-24 w/6′ shielded cable
T3B35/8-18 (0.6″ thread length)(0.5″ tip length)
T3B3A5/8-18 (0.3″ thread length)(0.8″ tip length)
T3B3-2.55/8-18 (0.4″ thread length)(2.5″ tip length)
T3B410mm X 1.5 (0.4″ tip length)
T3B616mm X 1.5 pitch
T3B712mm X 1.5 pitch
T3B81/4-20 Carb. Temp
T3B101/4-28 Carb. Temp
T3B111/4-18 NPT
T3B131/8-27 NPT (0.52″ tip length)
T3B141/4-18 NPT
T3B151/2-20 AN
All sizes also available with RTD sensor and/or 3-pin waterproof connector.
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