EL Lighting Options

Internal lighting

Blue-White Lighting

Red Lighting

Aviation Green Lighting

*Please note that instruments shown are internally lit. Pictures are to show colors of lighting available. UMA does not manufacture Night Vision lights.

Bezel Lighting for 2 1/4 & 3 1/8" Instruments

Part #SizeCut-outLight Color
*2-30-W3 1/8″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)White
2-30-G3 1/8″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)Green
2-30-R3 1/8″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)Red
*2-31-W3 1/8″NoneWhite
2-31-G3 1/8″NoneGreen
2-31-R3 1/8″NoneRed
*2-33-W3 1/8″CenterWhite
2-33-G3 1/8″CenterGreen
2-33-R3 1/8″CenterRed
*2-34-W3 1/8″DoubleWhite
2-34-G3 1/8″DoubleGreen
2-34-R3 1/8″DoubleRed
*2-35-W3 1/8″None with Undercut for VSIWhite
2-35-G3 1/8″None with Undercut for VSIGreen
2-35-R3 1/8″None with Undercut for VSIRed
*2-20-W2 1/4″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)White
2-20-G2 1/4″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)Green
2-20-R2 1/4″Single(Rotate for Left/Right)Red
*2-21-W2 1/4″NoneWhite
2-21-G2 1/4″NoneGreen
2-21-R2 1/4″NoneRed

Click below to see UMA Lighting in an airplane at night!

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Weight 2 1/4″ : 0.5 Oz. Housing: ABS Plastic

Weight 3 1/8″ : 0.6 Oz. Housing: ABS Plastic

Mounting Information


Light Inverter

14 or 28V DC to 120VAC/400Hz Light Inverter, P/N: 10-800-14 & 10-800-2

The inverter converts DC to AC to power a set of light strips (power requirements vary by surface area). The inverter has 2 wires and mounting wings, which are the GND. Connect Black wire to EL light. Connect the red colored power wire (see chart below) to your DC source or instrument panel light switch thru 1A fuse. When using a dimmer, connect it between power and the inverter to vary the DC supplied to the inverter. The inverter AC output is Black wire, which carry AC current to power the light strips. Use 20-24 AWG twisted pair wires (or twist two wires a minimum of 8 turns per foot) for all connections between inverter and lights. You may connect up to 30 UMA light bezels (and/or internal instrument lights) or three large EL lights in parallel to one inverter (Beechcraft Bonanza).


Electroluminescence light strips:

  • 2-411-120 EL Light Strip w/ adhesive backing 1.2″ X 11.5″
  • 2-418-150 EL Light Strip w/ adhesive backing 1 1/2″ X 18″
  • 2-425-050 EL Light Strip w/ adhesive backing 1/2″ X 25″
  • 2-423-075 EL Light Strip w/ adhesive backing 3/4″ X 23″

Inverter Part Numbers:

Part #DescriptionRed WireBlack Wire
10-800-1412-14 Volt light inverter(+)power in120VAC out
10-800-2824-28 Volt light inverter(+)power in120VAC out

Inverter capacity:

Part #QuantityDescription
Mounting wings=GND2-3X-X303 1/8” EL Light Bezel
Mounting wings=GND2-2X-X352 1/4” EL Light Bezel
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